Sara Haerens


An internship in the context of interior design course (10 weeks). Interior design, object design, photography, wesbite design, SEO and copywriting.

“Studio LoHo is a Belgian design office located in Bruges, Belgium. Founded in the autumn of 2017 by Karel Loontiens and Jo Hoeven, the studio focused from the beginning on high-end bespoke interior projects which forms an ideal matrix for product – and material design that is both innovative and durable. “

Copywriting and social media, full setup of the Studio Loho pinterest page. This guides more people to the wesbite and other social media platforms. Here is a link to the full pinterest page

“How stunning is this black bathroom? It still gives of a warm glow because of the natural materials used. Also the light that shines trough make the bathroom even more beautiful.”

“This ceramic bathtub is so comfortable you’ll never want to step out! The water stays warm much longer because of the ceramic structure. The organic shaped bathtub adapts perfectly in different styles of interiors! Bathtub designed by Studio LoHo. Interior project by architect BenoĆ®t Viaene. Photo by Bart Van Leuven”

Brainstorm and development of different sink designs –
inspired by their already existing sink and bathtub
Layout and design of the Studio Loho website
Photography and editing for several pictures, adding texture and layout to the website